Winners PowerHouse nfp. A non-profit organization designed to help those with low income at risk families. We provide basic education on finance, health & hygiene, childcare, computer skills, resumes, and job readiness..

Winners PowerHouse has been involved in several outreach missions such as food giveaways, teen counseling, community expos, and other community events. During these events we have partnered with other organizations to discuss the needs of the community for a more effective family programs. Our main focus through this organization are:

  • Education
  • Wellness
  • Technology

This 2015, Winners PowerHouse, & Alpha 7 Mission are on Target to manifest the out-working of God's Love serving our Community. You can support our ...Soup Kitchen Marathon by donating any dollar amount so we can feed many. You can also drop off non-perishable food items at Overcomers / New Gate church every Tuesday at 6:30 pm at 1667 5th Street, Madison. 62060. Thank you for your generousity!


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"We Win Souls & Make Disciples, Empowering People, Transforming Nations"