Goal Belief Strategy

Welcome to IronMen!
: IronMen is the Men’s group of New Gate Church Intl.

Since every group needs a name / an identity and a purpose, we have taken our inspiration from King Solomon’s writing in the book of wisdom:

(Proverbs 27:17, NASB)
IRON sharpens IRON, so one MAN sharpens another


Our goal is to develop men of integrity, spiritual leaders of their homes, and Godly influencers in the marketplace. As a Group it is our task to build communities for Christ one man at a time.


We believe that men are going to lead their families and their culture back to God.


IRONMEN meetings are designed to Win, Equip and Deploy men for victory and success in life.

 Meeting Location & Time:
These meetings are held the first Saturdays of each month at 10 a.m. Please call for location and direction (618) 409-4196.

Have you ever wondered or desired to find out what can happen when men come together to serve Jesus Christ?

  • Men Coming to Christ
  • Men Growing in Christ
  • Men Mobilized to Serve
  • Men Connected to other men
  • Men Empowered to be leaders

***Dates to be annonced***
To register for our upcoming IronMen2015 Encounter Retreat click this link: IronMen2015
email us at:

"We Win Souls & Make Disciples, Empowering People, Transforming Nations"